Sachin Kumar, Founder & Creative Director
Before creating Oxygen Danz, Sachin was your typical 9 to 5 Networking Consultant with an MNC and his life was in line with the demographics that defined India’s Silicon Valley. However that secret ambition and restless passion for dance kept drawing his attention to what was to become his future.

After almost six years working as a senior IT professional, Sachin furthered his education from a B.E. in Electronics and Communication to an intensive foundation degree course in Kalaripayatu, Ballet, Bharathanatyam, Contemporary, Pilates among others.

With this continuously evolving journey, Sachin had built a formidable reputation for professionalism that reflected his lifelong dedication to his art. Sachin is now one of Bangalore’s leading dance instructors/performers/choreographers in Salsa, all forms of Latin American dance like Jive, Samba, Tango, Swing, Merengue, Waltz etc. and the latest innovations in Bollywood and freestyle dancing.

Sachin has gone ahead and treated dance as a fitness regime, making it more enjoyable to the public and as a teacher he combines the precision of an engineer with the creative flow of an artist.


Ravi, Manager
Ravi has emerged on the dance circuit as one of the foremost choreographers, performers and instructors. With an experience of almost 15 years in the field of performing arts, Ravi has experienced and practiced various forms of dance that give him the confidence to experiment with new dance forms and create an innovative dance culture. He has performed in international shows and continues to travel on such assignments.

If ever there was an optimistic quote it would be from Ravi as he believes that “There is a new beginning in every end.” As a specialist in Bollywood and freestyle dancing, Ravi brings to the floor moves that enliven any event. His knowledge in the field has made him an apt manager for the operations at Oxygen Danz.

Ravi is the calm and composed professional who uses his immense patience to bring in clarity into his teaching and that makes him a favourite among the students. As a fashionista with a keen sense of style, Ravi makes for a good model both literally and figuratively.


Akshatha, Training Head 
Akshatha comes with MNC experience as a HR professional and a degree from the prestigious Roshni Nilaya College in Mangalore University. You will see her HR skills in the manner in which she channels the various processes involved in training the Oxygen Danz troupe. She is the brain that ensures that innovation doesn’t come in the way of practicality while producing a dance show for any event or workshop.

Akshatha comes with a formidable reputation in performing arts. She has the distinction of having a Vidvath in Bharathantyam. With over 15 years of experience as a professional dancer, she brings her own touch to a fusion of eastern and western dance forms. She has also worked as a fitness instructor and brings in her unique style in whatever and wherever she executes her performances. Her vivacity is infused summed up in her words, “No matter where, when or what… make sure you treasure and enjoy every moment of life.


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